Peace on Tower of Babel

The builds on babel are impressive when blue and red put aside their differences!

A random ceasefire on babel led to some incredible builds created together by both teams. AoS historians were unable to conclude if a ceasefire of this magnitude has occurred in the past, but they were all in agreement that they hoped to see it again someday.


I was there :smiley:

You didn’t photo my cheems :c

I took a photo of your cheems! I sent it in the discord server.

Also that must have been a good time, just building with others during a ceasefire. I hope aloha hosts something like this next time but as an actual community event!

Man but only if I wasn’t a dumbass and joined before hand. :’(

I never once recall a successful cease fire during my days playing on Pinpoint. Many tried, oh yes, many many tried…But, not one could pull it off.

Must have been just a magical moment on Babel! Sad to have missed it :stuck_out_tongue:


looks like a lot of fun