[PATCH] Classic client FPS increaser

Hey I had this hosted on build and shoot forums but those went down and I forgot to repost it here.

One of the slowest things about the classic client is the font, so I replaced it with a faster one. It’s kinda ugly, but hey, faster.

Some people play at really low resolution, and the minimap / map end up covering most of the screen. This one hides them (and changes the font too). This plays a little funny with modloader - if you use both and the mouse locks up, press the button to open/close the map (M by default) and it’ll fix.

Use one or the other, but not both.

If you have tried it, let me know if it worked for you!

Note: The game is capped to about 55 FPS - this won’t help you get higher than that.



wow i had no idea the font was that laggy lol
thanks for sharing, this is fantastic… no more lag for me :relaxed:
any way to avoid injecting everytime though?

Sounds cool, will test it out later. Thanks for sharing!

The installation goes like this:

Install Modloader, a quick visit to Google will do it
Go to the installation to the .75 version of AoS and back up the “modloader.bin” file
Download the AoS FPS fix, the type is up to your choice and then copy it over to the installation file
Then rename the entire file from “AoS framerate fix.dll” to “modloader.bin”
Fire up the game and WAZZAM,you’re done

The results of the mod is under here:

Click for details




P.S.: This is the user who asked about reviving the mod;
P.S.S.: If you want, add this to the first post, OP.
P.S.S.S.:The game loads faster

what does the original “modloader.bin” file do that’s different from the fix?

nvm, it completely removes the point of the modloader…