Paratrooper's OpenSpades mod(s)

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Long overdue, but here’s my first mod for OS that I released ~10 months ago.


(I totally didn’t set the fog to 0 0 0 in an empty aloha server to test this)



I was working on a replacement for the semi (L96/AWP):

But until I get all my stuff sorted out I won’t be able to continue working on it :X






Thats amazing!

Dooode! This SMG rocks! i can’t wait to have the rifle and the shotgun too :smiley:
Great job keep it up

Thank you for your kind words! I’m planning on finishing the AWP hopefully within the next decade. I often update its gamebanana page for progress.

WOW… Great!! :o

Damn, that’s nice, might take up OS again for this.

Definitely liking this mod. I’ve been playing OpenSpades more since I downloaded it. Can’t wait for the other weapons; excited to see how your AWP turns out.

Edit: The sight works a lot better as a single red-dot sight rather than a hologram sight (It’s a lot easier to see without the huge circle).

If you want, you can change it yourself:

[ol]- .pak is just a .zip file with a different extension. Rename the file from .pak to .zip

  • extract it (you don’t have to, it depends on what program you’re using)
  • Open ./Gfx/ReflexRound.png and modify it however you want (don’t rename it)
  • zip it back and/or rename it back to a .pak[/ol]

Of course I already did it to mine :stuck_out_tongue: I was suggesting that it probably should’ve been default (but others might like the hologram sight better I have no idea).

I’ll probably never be able to play OS because bad computer and its not worth running it with cpu, but If theres a weapon I’d love to see well modded is an intimidating, robust, dark colored, anti tank sniper rifle (I love those kind of beasts, any of those, no one in particular). It would also be cool (this also means for your L96) if you managed to make the scope not cover the whole screen like 1.0 sniper, but have the ability to see stuff at the corner of the screen, if you know what I mean.

Thanks for sharing that 1337 assault rifle

May i ask where your character skin come from? it looks awesome

Anyone got tips for OS? This mod is beautifullll, but I just cannot do anything in OS.

Because you get low FPS?
I get 60 FPS in OS but like 30-40 FPS in the classic client.

Same here, but the thing is, it feels like I’m moving in syrup with OS.

Examples: Crosshairs sway around, aren’t instant.
Sprinting has massive back and forth sway
Movements (other player movements) seem choppier than even normal aos

I’ve played OS for so long that I find myself sucking badly with Voxlap… The biggest difference between OS and Voxlap is that Voxlap shows bullet trails on the map. That’s mostly important on Arena, though, which I never play anyway.

I only Play arena and i’m doing perfectly fine with sounds. I also play with music and it doesn’t change anything. As for bullet trails, i just look at my dieing teammates on the map … most of the time they are worst than me :wink:


Paratrooper, where can i find your player skins? I WANT THEM!!! + is is possible to have a skin for each kind of player?
Example : SMG = light wieghted soldier
Rifle = Guillie Suit
Shotgun = FlakJacket soldier

Would be nice :smiley:

also, I can wait for your Rifle! OpenSpades Rifle sight seems off centered and i can’t use it

Rifle when?

Twodayudie, if you want a different player skin for each team and class, (which is ENTIRELY POSSIBLE), you’ll need to go into the source of the game in order to do so.


(I still have the files, but I just never got around to actually scripting it :c)