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Minecraft Public Server
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Server Gameplay
Special Events

Server Gameplay
The Aloha Public Server a strict pvp server. This means that you can kill anyone anywhere and take their stuff. So until you have secured a plot of land and locked others out you may want to build very far away and keep your valuables hidden (There is no dynmap for this reason).



Special Events

[details=Click for details]

Greetings Everyone, that means bird, coconut, human, or fairy. The public server will be officially open this friday at 6pm est.
A few things that you should know.

  1. This is a Pvp/Almost everything goes server, which means anyone can kill you and grief you
  2. There are buy-able 80x80x80 Plots (you claim your own via //wand and select a //pos1 and //pos2 I will have a video on how to do It out soon) You can disable building only and add entrance and greeting messages along with adding friends who can build within it even though you disabled building for everyone else but you(recommended)
  3. No hacks cheats or x-ray packs of any kind. Approved mods such as reis minimap inv sorter are allowed NO ENTITY RADAR MAPS ARE ALLOWED
  4. A List of available commands here

[details=Click for details]/region flag {region name} {flag} {bool, message}
Allows players to set a flag to a region some flags don’t use true or false
/region claim {name}
Claims a region that is selected and charges 800,000 in $
To select a region type //wand and right click at one end of the region you wish to select and left click at the other end to
set the end points it will then select in a square be sure to select a 80x80 plot of land in order to max out the plot region
claim then do //expand 60 up and //expand 80 down to select a 80x80x80 cuboid which is the maximum you may claim
Teleports you to spawn there is a charge fee if successful there is a 10 second tp wait time so make sure you can’t be moved or attacked in that time
Displays all the rules
Displays the motd
Lists players that are online
/helpop {message}
Send a message to all staff
lists commands and help to them
- essentials.worth
Tells the player the worth of the item
/warp {Warpname}
lists all the warps a player may go to usage /warp {warpname}
Offlimit warps will be removed via permissions
Does charge money
Tells the current time of the server
allows suicide in case player is stuck or trapped in understandable territory
allows a player to set a home Does charge money

/seen {player}
When was this player last seen?
/pay {player}
Pays a player with money from your balance
Sells the selected item to the server
Kinda obvious
/mail {player} {message}
Sends a message that will be received in the players inbox
To mute those annoying bugs, mods and up will bypass the ignore block
Goes to your set home
/report <Player/!/*>

Reports a player with the details of the offense. ! and * if the player name is not known.[/details]

Lastly we will have events similar to the First Saturday of the month but instead will be the last Saturday of the month. These LSOMs will have prizes and such based on who wins and if it was a team event. The first LSOM will be next month and will be hunger games themed (knockout matches). Everyone playing will receive a scroll certifying they played and can collect these scrolls to turn them in for prizes, but be warned others can claim and use your scrolls so hide them well. Give me a heads up what times are good for you if you want to attend The ip will be released Friday If you already know it keep off its staff only till this Friday at 6pm EST[/details]

Great Job Scipio!

Fuck yea. But nether hubs seem pointless if we’re all out to kill each other x’D

I have something planned for that too :slight_smile: possable lsom scrolls as well.


Sorry for the late reply :frowning:
Server ip:

Enjoy :slight_smile:
I’ll have a public announcement going up with a much more nicer thread. I have a ton of hings I’m juggling like Fsom archery, project magic etc :(.

Is there a dynmap

No there isn’t ill add why this weekend when I reformat the entire thread :smiley: FINALLY

I love Minecraft :smiley:

Not you!!! Don’t trash our server!

Project is dead untill further notice. E.g its on the back burner.

Best Idea ever…

Lets make aloha pk server a gta server ! guns plugin is very easy to set up lol . And there can be ranks like prankster gangster ( lol ) , which unlock special stuff . They have to be purchased by players by donating as usual . The money gonna help you improve the server

Or make a factions server that isn’t pay to win like the majority of faction servers :slight_smile:

Didn’t the crew and friends server sort of replaced the idea of a public aloha server?


Click for details


if the aloha mc server becomes a modded server or a PVP Server i won’t even gonna bother trying. PVP isn’t that fun and OVERLY MODDED stuff isn’t fun too. if there is something, the Server will be ever more dead thand ever if we ever try one of those options. just stick to the regular vanilla, i don’t understand why you guys like PVP so much.