[OS MOD] Twodayudie's Spas-12 shotgun

Hey there, if you looked in my previous Mod pack i made for the Spade (with a bunch of other stuff such as a nade and a player skin)
You probably knew this thing was coming. I’ve tried really hard to make the sight look as centered as it is right now and I obviously still have a TON of stuff to learn. If i get more into coding, I miahg rebump that project and make a reload animation for it. Anyways, enjoy!

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Inspired from






Twodayudie's Spas-12 Shotgun Mod for OS - YouTube

This download link is gone, please contact me via private message or directly on discord @2dayudie#4200

Keep in mind, this is my First weapon Mod ever. The amount of things I need to learn is increadibly insane.


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Pretty good.
I like it.

I guess this thing is perfect since i don’t get feedback :slight_smile:

Nah, people just don’t see the hidden gems.

sorry for bringing something from the dead but I have to say stuff about this-
It’s crazy how underrated and barely seen this mod is for it looks amazing :open_mouth:
Great detail and accuracy of how it’s supposed to be sized. I love OS modding but also hate it cause since you’re less limited to sizing you have to make the model the most accurate sized compared irl. Great job, man! 10/10

Great design, very realistic looking compared to aos standards lol

Thank you!
I’ve been working on a really big project and i’ve also been busy with College and work.
Whenever i get more time i plan on finishing the big project and learn about C# so i can code some Reload animations and stuff like that.
For now, since i’m no C# expert i can only change the size of weapons on screen so I will have to find myself a coder to make stuff happen and teach me about it. I already have someone in mind luckily :slight_smile:

i hope he works at subway…

I don’t think you need C# to script for OS. I recommend using C++ for the scripts

looks like C# to me. Both of them are pretty similar so i could be wrong…

alright, good luck! Can’t wait to see what you’ll do with the scripts :slight_smile:

This is awesome, the audio is a but loud, but its an awesome model. 7/10

thx! i’m still working on it, i’ll probalby make a Reload Animation some day for this thing and correct the sounds a little bit now that you mention it.

The thing with the Red Dot Sight is wierd because i dont see any railings on the shotgun.But it still looks cool.

plz smaller red dot plz