[OS MOD] Beretta ARX 160a1 Released!

Here it is! Click-To-Download :slight_smile:


More pictures [details=Click for details]

Instructions of installation:
Add the three folders into pak010 BaseSkin :slight_smile:

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Your Welcome :wink:

btw hum glass
I’ve tried downloading your weapon. Everytime I try to equip the SMG the game just crashes. Just lettin you know

Oh whoops! Shout out to Twodayudie for helping me out with the scripts!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Also, that’s weird. Does it give a file report?

YES! More awesome mods. :stuck_out_tongue:
Nice job as always, Glass and Twoday.

Glass it does indeed give a crash report file. You know… the file with the kind of stuff that nobody understands but still thinks it means something

Did some investigation, have you added some other sounds to the game cause it says it’s missing the sound “Fire”

Got the weapon working, Is there a 3rd person for it? looks like it’s back to the classic one on my screen

weird. The missing sound I think I can understand that. Just get the reflex pak and drag the sound folder into your baseskin folder since this is a reflex mod but put into a baseskin. The reflex mod requires a different smg sound effect. ez to fix :slight_smile:
Yeah there is a third person model. Idk why it's not loading for you.
Here's what the third person gun looks like:

What is that awesome Deuce model?

QBF, it’s Glass creation look in the workshop you’ll find it.

As for the 3rd person view. My game was premodded so the scaling of the gun is really small. Make sure to put all the files that can change something in game in the Folder you give for a download or else there can be some issues :wink:

Oh, cool. Will check it out.

thanks QBF :slight_smile:
Ah, I see. Thanks for the help, twoday :slight_smile:

Could you make one with Iron sights?

iron sight variant? I’ll see what I can do :slight_smile:

Have you tried different Optics or Iron Sights on the ARX?

no, currently I have only ironsights :slight_smile: