OpenSpades Report Tool?

I was wondering if there was anyways to report someone with OpenSpades? Is there a Report Tool?

openspades is just a fancy client that makes the game look nice. it doesn’t really do anything related to the game. if someone is breaking the rules try using /votekick to call a vote to have the removed. if that doesn’t work you can use /admin or you can also hop in the IRC at #aloha and try to get someone’s attention

By report, do you mean record someone like pubovl?


Yes paratrooper. I want a Report tool like pubovl to report hackers. I don’t have the classic version of the game since i need to save space in my PC (which only has a capacity pt 250GB) and no i won’t buy an external hard drive.

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And also, I think that coding something like that wouldn’t be too hard, I think someone is already attempting that.

Let’s just hope it’s not easily translatable to a hack, since OS is extremely easy to modify and tinker around with.

Unfortunately due to OS being open source, it has been subject to exploiting.

True true. I guess hackers will hack anyways, so the usefulness of the tool to those who aren’t going to be hacking outweighs the potential for slightly easier access to hacks.

What he said. I know a lot of players using OpenSpades. If they would get on that report tool i’m sure we could counter the hacker flow

iirc the creator of pubovl was looking into making one for OS. not sure if its being worked on or not.