OpenSpades-only strategy/mechanic?

Well, my favorite strategy/mechanic on AoS are shoot while crunch and jump with the SMG. If done right, it ensures you to make the enemy miss sufficient shots to give you an big gap!

I play on an OpenSpades fork but these days i tried the original client and the BetterSpades one and discovered then this strategy/mechanic are almost impossible to be done with an hight precision like on the OpenSpades…

Someone here can master the aggressive recoil in this strategy/mechanic on these other clients with SMG? And why OpenSpades dont meet this standard behaviour?

For me, this is sufficient bad to make me not consider other clients as competitives.

The newest version of most os clients fixes this, I recommend you update and we encourage others too to fix this balance issue.

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I got the OpenSpades 1.3 and 4OfSpades from Release 4 ffa6c774 · VierEck/openspades · GitHub both updated, this behavior are the same. Or u talking about BS/OG client?

Look, i dont say it is impossible, i said it impossible with an hight precision, being most detailed, at long distances or gaps between blocks.

Oh interesting, pretty much all other updated custom os clients have it fixed, didnt notice 4ofspades doesnt have the fix