[Openspades] [MOD] Desert Eagle [WIPish]

Hey Guys I’m back again with a new mod But its in the wip for the moment :smiley:

Actually I’m working on the mod for a week now and i hope that I’ll finish this ASAP. :DD

you can download my wip mod if you want to test it just put the xDeagle.bak to Resources folder of the openspades…

In game photos:

Click for details

Youtube Video:

WIP link: Desert Eagle (openspades) [Ace of Spades] [Works In Progress]

-Im always WELCOME :smiley:


SO far, great work on the design and the animation. What i would want to see is the gun a bit bigger. After all this is a Desert eagle. Right now, with its current size it looks like a P250. Desert eagle is a bit more bulky then regular pistols and i would like to see the dignature shinyness even if you cant put a mirror finish on. Maybe changing the color of the top. It just think it’ll make it a little more iconic.

EDIT: The animations are a bit too smooth for the firing, kickback should be instant and look hard to hold back.

FYI there is a forum section for mod making. Check out the cute lil workshop.

Former modding guy (still hoping to one day learn how to program without it being a trial and error process).

Try using other game sounds on the gun or some sound mods from GB (would be either Navaro or Magmacow, or some other sounds made by guys over there) to replace the standard CS:GO Deagle sound. Plus, make it kinda brighter it looks like an M9, have no problems with the size but the sights are kinda too big, being smaller or kinda thinner would be fine but that would be a problem with the proportions.