Openspades intermittent stuttering

I just downloaded Openspades, and whilst it looks great there has been one issue irritating me. Every now and then the movement seems to become all flickery, as if the FPS have dropped or the movement is stuttering. The rest of the time it runs great, and my PC is more than up to the task, so I was wondering if there is some option which I need to switch off.

Thanks for any help!

Edit: The stuttering seems only to occur with walking. If I stay stationary and look around, it is not there.

Did you ever turn on the dont show at startup at the settinngs in OpenSpades?
You can turn it on again by clicking Misc on Setup below the server list.
If already done. Try lowing the graphics settings or get Razer or some kind of other gamebooster to optimize your games. Or you can just delete your useless shit that you keep. Probably edgy memes and badly drawn art/hentai/oc’s.

I have the startup settings menu and I have tried fiddling around with options. I have a proper modern PC and I can run much more intensive games with no issues so I suspect the problem is to do with the game and not my computer.

What’s your average ping?

Disable VSync

I tried this just now, no change.

Ping varies from server to server but is about 55 on the zombie server and I get the issue there.

Simple solution. Use classic :slight_smile:

Classic doesn’t support my screen resolution, and quite frankly I prefer the graphics of openspades.

Is there a problem using a lower resolution?
You ever played Counter-Strike or Half-Life? It’s graphics were actually 2x better than Golden Eye’s graphics even though they were a year apart.
Plus Classic is very smooth even for a low to med-end PC’s or laptops.
But since you have a high-end, your mind was probably brainwashed by the high graphic master race.

Using a lower resolution results in all kinds of jagged edges which are rather unpleasant, and I can’t seem to find a resolution where the aspect ratio doesn’t seem squashed. I also can’t seem to increase the FOV.
Openspades is a lot smoother and cleaner looking (ignoring the occasional movement stuttering which I want to fix).

Here’s a picture comparing the two games (with my preferred graphics settings):

Openspades is still bad, classic master race!
One of the main things this game had to offer back in the day was the blocky graphics and the fact it could almost run on a toaster!

You can report an issue on Issues · yvt/openspades · GitHub.
BTW, forcing others to use .75 voxlap clients doesn’t make sense. Everyone has one’s own preferences…

I disagree :stuck_out_tongue:
At least make it compatible with classic smh