OpenSpades Ghost Bullets Glitch

So, I finally think I figured out what is going on with my OpenSpades. I know some admins have been letting me know I was setting off NR and I think I finally figured it out. This may not apply to all clients, but release 0.0.12b is the one I’m using. I have a habit of clicking my mouse while I’m sprinting (and by habit, I mean I do it a lot…). Muffin told me that it looked like I was shooting while sprinting when I would click. For me of course I didn’t see this. You can’t kill anyone this way, you won’t see it in the video, but I tested it off camera. What I noticed was that very frequently I would get several headshots (with rifle) on someone (even afks) and they just wouldn’t die. I thought it was lag, but it was very frustrating, because to me it was happening at random and I couldn’t figure out anyway to fix it except sometimes I would go and reload and it seemed to fix itself. Well, I found out what I think the issue is. By sprinting + clicking my mouse to the server I was “shooting” to the server, but my client still told me I had 10 rounds because I actually hadn’t fired anything yet. So, when I went to go shoot someone for real when not sprinting, to the server, I wasn’t able to fire because I was out of bullets already. To my client I could get all 10 shots on their head and they wouldn’t die. :frowning:
So, until it gets fixed (I’m going to open up another issue on github and hope YVT sees it.) I recommend not clicking your mouse while sprinting because you probably won’t be able to kill anyone lol. Now, I’m not 100% sure what the threshold is, but at the end of the video I sprint briefly and only click twice and I fired two shots and got a kill each time, (I’m assuming because my client still thought I had 10 shots and the server thought I had 8, so it allowed me to get two kills) but every time I would go and click several times I couldn’t kill anyone. Hopefully this glitch gets fixed soon, so I can actually start killing people.

Server: Aloha MINIFUN TDM (Glitch works on all servers)
Thanks to Digi for uploading the video and being my test dummy.

EDIT: Opened up the issue on github. #365 :slight_smile:


I can’t even launch OS anymore… It makes a crash file on my desktop

I posted this in staff irc. Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon.

Thanks (:

But for now don’t be so trigger happy Torch :wink:

Lol, it’s a habit. I used to click to my music while I was waiting for the gate to drop on arena.

But theres nothing to be fixed by aloha staff… and aloha staff isn`t supposed to warn anyone about any hack detections… ? ? ?

Have you checked if you can hurt people while sprinting? Because if you can, then thats another story.

Sorry but I thought it would be something the staff would want to know about and just incase someone would know how to fix it.

Me and Nathan found out that there was a bug in OS that we have witnessed with Torch and Rauz. When sprinting and clicking in OS looked like they were shooting in classic 0.75.

So while you sprint you can use a built in NR?

You don’t have any strings you can pull somewhere? ::slight_smile:

They didn’t detect a hack, because I wasn’t hacking. Their sensor (whatever it is) was saying I could possibly be hacking and I know at least Muffin specced and saw I definitely was recoiling.

Yes, I tested it. You can’t hurt people while sprinting even if you are aimed right at them and it’s an enemy. In reality the glitch isn’t that abuse-able unless you like making your bullets not hurt people and just scare them instead.

How did they not die you shot them like five times… Not lag so…

Read the paragraph I wrote in the original post.