OpenSpades 0.0.11

“OpenSpades is an open source OpenGL-based alternative game client by yvt that can be used to play on all AoS 0.75 and AoS 0.76 servers…”

[*]Mac OS X supported (but might not work on 10.7 and earlier) [*]GUI localization support (currently, Russian & Japanese translations are available) [*]JPEG/PNG screenshot (cg_screenshotFormat). Smaller file size compared to TGA. Easier to upload to websites. [*]Revised, easier-to-use startup window [*]Statistics display which includes ping and network traffics (cg_stats, or Setup→Game Options→Misc→Show Statistics) [*]Some settings can be changed from the chat window (i.e. /cg_hidehud 1) warning: changing certain settings might crash the program. [*]Navigate through chat history with up/down arrow keys [*]Variable chat window size (cg_chatHeight, in percentage) [*]You can invert Y-axis input (cg_invertMouseY, or Setup→Controls→Invert Y-axis Mouse Input) [*]Addressed an issue that some models look broken ([url=]#213[/url]) [*][url=]Hit detection debugger[/url] [*]Bullet impact effect against water [*]caplimit is shown in the scoreboard [*]cg_smp is now working correctly [*]Switch to the last selected tool [*]Map can be opened when you're dead [*]YSR became faster. [*]More variety of sounds [*]Better compatibility with AoSβ [*]Many small bugs fixed

YaViT Development Blog

nice update, give it a try!

release thread:


Nice. I’ll check it out later. I just download the last version a few days ago.

Simply amazing! I love it, except I do have one problem. Does running openspades increase my ping?

Right now I can’t get it running on the latest version of mac (10.9.2).

I don’t think it’ll raise your ping but might be a little slower than the original client?

Good improvements. One notable difference is that the SMG now only takes 3 shots to destroy a block (as it’s supposed to), as opposed to 4 in the last version or classic 0.76.

Still, I’d like to see the software renderer feel more like 0.75.

Mac version works with the latest download: OS X version (0.0.11-OSX-5)

Does anyone know some websites or any threads on BnS that you can get OS skin on?

This is a great website for .75 skins. I have seen some OpenSpades skins on there too.

love those graphics :slight_smile:

Wow! Nice new update :slight_smile: