Open spades vs buildandshoot! (poll)

hey guys,
just decided to put a poll out there to see what people play. :slight_smile:
vote two times

FYI, Open Spades is the client. Build and Shoot is the community. Ace of Spades is the game.

Classic = OpenSpades.
Also, yeah, should’ve named BnS “Classic”, since it fits better.

sorry my mistake

Only reason I actually go on voxlap is so I can use pubovl and record bullies. I would play it but I get like 10-20 fps in 800x600 resolution. OS much better.

No wonder…
Kiki, can you help me spectate him? I’m too laggy…not sure if its snaps or lags
I’m too lazy to switch from OS.

Build and shoot is much better than open spades for everything, obviously that’s just my opinion though.

isn’t FPS just the same…seen some vids with OS and compared to mine, it seems the same. It just has better definition

yes because everyone plays on the same machine and half of what u listed is not tots subjective

At least my voxlap works perfectly. And BnS is a community. Not a client, nor is it a game.

no fps is quite different.
Voxlap = 5-10fps at 800x600
Openspades = 100fps at my native resolution 1600x900

Nope it's not. OS being GPU rendered and BnS being CPU rendered, you would need a beasty CPU to equate OS in terms of FPS.

My shitty GPU running OS = 90 FPS
My shitty CPU running BnS = 20 FPS

being gpu rendered? That depends on the renderer you’re using. SW (software renderer for those that don’t know those initials…) uses completely GPU which means even on the best computers it gives low performance because the CPU isn’t being used at all. I’m pretty sure that openGL uses a bit of CPU and GPU but don’t quote me on that. Need to check again.

Woops, you’re right. It uses CPU xd
I wish YVT thought it through that practically everyones’ CPU on it’s own sucks at running SW by itself

i use voxlap because im used to it and easier to kill

OS might be objectively better but I have a lot of custom skins in the original and honestly nothing bothers me about it.

I prefer the Classic client (Voxlap, or how it is called there, “BnS”) over OpenSpades.
The game feels less heavy, more fluid.
It’s like comparing Super Smash Bros. 4 and Super Smash Bros. Melee.
Sure, SSB4 is pretty, has a lot of stuff and such.
But Melee is more fluid, light, fast.
Also, aiming down in OS feels really weird and clunky.
(don’t rip me apart, it’s my opinion)

Yes, I was gonna mention something like that. I can never seem to aim with OS.

I honestly am all over the place when it comes to playing on whatever game either being OS or AoS. both of them have a good reason for me to play them:

  1. AoS has a more nostalgia feel and ultimately I prefer SW renderer over OpenGL just cause of how it looks when I make my mods for it.
  2. It’s easier to mod than Openspades. I know how to mod for openspades perfectly well, but it just comes down to the “I’m not feeling it today. But I can make an AoS mod, though!”


  1. Really nice optimization. All graphics on low, I get an 80-100fps. I love how open the game is to customization. Still needs work though for the less compatible computers
  2. Modding has way more options. You don’t have to stick to a certain dimension for UI design and also modding the player. Also, you can work with making diff anims. since OS offers scripts for each indiv. weapon. :slight_smile:

Both are good. But in the end, both of them are abandoned and unfinished.