One late night

this is the site of this horror game and there is a preview of the game in the site so check it out it is similar to slender man but it has a difference :slight_smile:

Oh my computer fries if i try to run slender too but if you change the quality to “fastest” and reduce resolution then it works with no lags i setted my setting to fastest and 800 x 600
n haha yep his famous youtuber i think(OFF TOPIC)

You have no proof: helo

U bastard u removed dah post!! XD

What post are you taking about?
Oh, look at that, you have triple posted xD

No evidence anymoree

Things are getting quite entropic here:

Stopped scrolling when i saw the equation x_x

In other words, it just means disorder.

U could of just said that xD

So, have you played that game?

Yep i played it and uploaded in my youtube channel

No way. >:(

lol i did actually :3

So, what’s your youtube channel?



Uh, I see you…
Are you really american? You have a funny accent. xD


Uh, I see that… No, in fact I will try to read that:
한: means half a face of someone that uses glasses;
국: and this is a stickman jumping standing on one foot
사: …
Really, how can you read such compacted alphabet, I wouldn’t belive that 람 is an entire word, and every time I put a space between those words a new meaning pops out by the translator:
The country has more than four people.
South Korea has more than four people.
Korean history is over people.
People over Korea.
Korea, O man.
O riders Korea.

And another 2^5 = 32 Combinations…

Wut. lol
I said he’s Korean.