One in the Chamber mode?

Could a mode like one in the chamber be used for a server? It would be like like everyone gets a rifle (with upped dammage, one hit kill) with one bullet and the only way to get another bullet is to kill a player with your spade or rifle. Grenades dont do any dammage and you cannot place/break blocks. Also it would be like arena exept you get 2 lifes instead of 1. I think its a good idea but i no nothing about ace of spades coding so, is this possible and does anyone else have ideas

I recall someone working on this a month ago… So yes it is possible and I believe it’s in the making

It wouldn’t be difficult to make at all. If nobody else makes it I could try.

Sounds like an aimbot magnet.

Which you then can have an Admin sit in there/ monitor it alot, and get rid of all the aimbots!