[OFFICIAL INTEREST POLL] What Games Would you Like to See Have Servers Added


With that being said, you vote understanding the game you might want to see a server added for. Remember, we are a very democratic community, and we want your input. Sure we might add other servers for games you might not have or like, but in order to survive, we do need to move past being AoS/Basic Minecraft only. We all realize we really need to work together for this common goal. To start things off, I will remind players of a few things.

We can’t add servers for certain games
Aloha does have a Steam group, but a lot of the players there are playing on games where you can’t make your own dedicated server. In other words, you can make your own private game, but there’s no server list. The following games can’t have dedicated servers made for them, but we still have players who play these games:

  • Payday 2
  • Grand Theft Auto 5
  • Most of the Call of Duty Series
  • Assassin’s Creed Series

Probably a few more, but those are the majority of games that have Aloha players.

You vote for a franchise
I will not make several options for each Battlefield, ArmA, Call of Duty, DayZ, you name it. You will vote for the entire franchise, and if there is dispute on what game from the franchise people really want to see, there is time for more polls. To summarize, the poll will look something like this:

  • Battlefield
  • Minecraft (Modded)
  • Starmade
  • DayZ

And it WILL NOT look like this:

  • Battlefield 3
  • Battlefield 4
  • Counter Strike Source
  • Counter Strike: GO
  • ArmA 2 DayZ
  • MTA DayZ

The only exception is CoD: 4, because it’s the only CoD game to have a server browser, as well as a good modding ability. As for other games, no. It’s simpler and everyone can vote about specific games another time.

Don’t see what you want? Drop a suggestion in the comments!
Drop a suggestion if you don’t see the game you like. Once again, its for the entire franchise, and it must be able to have dedicated servers, so if you say something like Dead Island: Riptide, I’m not adding it to the poll. (I did not include MTA as a standalone option, as most people play it for the DayZ mod)

With that all said, the current popular census is mostly games that allow players to extensively mod and code. It would be great to have an aloha server that the community helped code.

Games not on the original poll
Unturned - 7 votes
Starcraft - 3 vote

As always, Minecraft seems like the obvious best next step. It shares similarities with AOS and when it comes to paid games – so many people have Minecraft you’re not excluding too many people at this point.

A Terraria server could be pretty cool, although it might not be worthwhile as the game can lose its spark once you’ve pretty much finished everything the game has to offer (duh.) Modded Minecraft seems like a good option, since there is a lot of longevity to it (and extending the gameplay with mods could add even more longevity.)
Team Fortress 2 (at least that’s what I think you mean by “Team Fortress,” since who would wanna play a dead game amirite?? xDDD,) like I’ve said about Terraria, it doesn’t sound like something that would last awhile (unless the majority of users/players here are really into TF2.)
A Garry’s Mod server sounds quite awful, and I don’t really see any potential in that (but das just my opinion!!!.)

I’ve not played ArmA, Starmade, Planetside or Battlefield, and the only CoD games I’ve played before were the first and second games, so I don’t really have any opinions there.

Where is Unturned option?

It’s really fun to play in more people and has that building & survival aspects…
There can be some really nice creations built and the map has many secret spots to find.
The game has many mods to be added and setting up the server isn’t that hard as it might seem.

Yeah, put unturned on the pole :slight_smile:

Now I can’t vote for Unturned, because I already cast my vote. :’(

We already have a server you can apply to for that.

As for Unturned, I could add that to the poll since people seem to want it.

Add +1 to whatever vote count Unturned has for my vote.

I think it would be interesting to have games like Starcraft in this list. A lot of people like these kinds of game and most of them have a Multiplayer Setting.

For Unturned and Starcraft, just comment your vote and I’ll toss it on the list.

One vote for Unturned.

Starcraft has my vote.

i would like unturned and team fortress 2.

unturned has my vote

This might be a stupid question but if we added another modded minecraft server would it effect the resources of the current server?

If it’s hosted on the same computer, perhaps.

The minecraft server is currently is not hosted on the same server aos is. We have run a modded server (infinity) on the machine and it can handle it. Something like the DNS pack would be a good. I’m running it with my friend and we love it. We did add projecte (I heavily disabled most of it) tinker’s bloodmagic (all part of the pack) etc. and we love it.

Vanilla all the way :3

Keep adding votes and opinions!

How does it look like with creating new server? Is this already a sure thing or it’s not decided yet if the server will be created?