[o] xENZOHEADSHOTx aimbot

I was on aloha.pk 24/7 Hallway. I was playing for like 10 15 minutes and I noticed xENZOHEADSHOTx was one-shotting players with an SMG like a sniper I checked his accuracy and ratio and it was very low but, he still got all of his kills from headshots. A player named SPY was saying he doesn’t hack but, SPY was as well killing players in one shot as well. :-\

also Spy was headshotting players with a shotgun

A lot of skilled players only go for headshots as they are one shot kills. Headshots from shotguns can also be achieved depending on the range.


Also, to for the best way of getting proof: http://aloha.pk/index.php?topic=3839.0

I made the report at the same time it was occuring.
He nad no skill they both had obvious aimbot.

I’m sorry that there isn’t much we can do without evidence of the cheating. In case of future incidents, this thread will serve as a record about this player. I’m sure he will be caught and banned in time.