[o] votekick

hello I would like to report a player who is using hacks his nick name is: real and at this moment Presis this on the server:
6/32 1ctf pinpoint aloha.pk 1ctf 24/7 pinpoint (status) 0.75

if any admin reading this post please enter the server and kikeear this haker since me and my teammates we are not allowed to votekick this player below anclare an image of your screen at this time.

Nuevo Imagen de mapa de bits.bmp (1.37 MB)

Hey! It’s Techno, a guy that was on the server at the time who was also accused of hacking. I can assure that he was absolutely NOT hacking. :slight_smile: He’s just a good player. Thank you for the report though.

Hi us marine corps. Just for future reference when reporting players, please use the abuse reports section, not the ban appeals section.

As for the player named “real”, he was not hacking. Thanks for reporting!

sorry but ask any member of the blue team at that time (that then were as tired abuse suffer) and everyone will tell you was haker, achieving three heatshot followed with only three bullets, friends only with three bullets, in fact there was a player blue team that was only built Haci who was always a bloke in hand and for that reason this "real" player did not kill him but when iso triple heatshot shot him and then said oops , this means that mantubo long pressed key aimbot and for that reason the automatic point the frame and when shooting ended up killing his friend, and also because I said your name made me known you were in the green team and like all green at that time not charged.
but hey basically ago this warning for players of this community and admins if they see him not remove the eye ensima.
and also before entering this server in which the player "real" (the haker) I had this punctuation:
Kills: 126
Deaths: 64
Ratio: 1.98
and output (I remove the server) had this, in fact can check it looking for my name on the "leaderboards"
Kills: 139
Deaths: 121
Ratio: 1.15
as they are seen only cost him a couple of minutes this guy to ruin my reputation in the community who recently had entered (about a week) and this

Nuevo Imagen de mapa de bits (2).bmp (3.71 MB)

i was “real” and i was not cheating
i said “oops” because i did not know the person that i shot was “:P” (the person who was building) before i shot him, not because i used an aimbot to kill him
the green team did not push because they were playing a game at our base. i was protecting them because i didn’t want you guys to destroy the blocks they were using

i’m sorry about your ratio :frowning:
(it wasn’t all me though, you went afk for a while and everyone decided to come and kill the blues)

also, switching teams to grief was a bad thing to do

Don’t worry, your reputation is not ruined, buddy! Your ratio is actually pretty good, and you’ll get better the more you play with pros like real. He was not hacking; he was actually a beloved member of the community under an alias. Keep reporting suspected hackers in the abuse reports section, though. :slight_smile:

Hope to see you in-game! 8)