[o] topo

uses/ used aimbot in the current match(right now) and uses offensive language. (cant start votekick ) 252 kills 5.86 ratio [aloha pk babel]

useful information: i dont cheat

K/d ratio doesn’t signify cheating, topo is from Australia and has bad lag at times so it can look like hes cheating.
He is also very very good

i agree please ban

yea but the only kills he makes are headshots and he killed like 12 people in a few seconds

Topo has been playing Ace of Spades for a very long time, so he has a lot of experience. If you spectate him with Pubovl, you can see that he is a legit player.

Not to mention that he’s a system administrator, and I’m pretty sure that someone of that rank wouldn’t hack.

Use a pixel scope and you realize the game is just moving a pixel on to someone’s head (a dot). In perspective this game is clicking heads with some minor recoil to your mouse. Lets not pretend there is a lot of use in body shots or missing.

Although this one isn’t hacking, thank you for reporting.

system administrator and a offensive language like that ? wut ?

please feel free to post logs of anything you feel was overly offensive
i’m a human and yeah, i swear, but i don’t think anything i said was that bad
especially when you consider i told you to quit talking to me more than once

Offensive language can be freely used by anyone, including staff. This isn’t a “professional” server and I’m sorry if you expect the staff to act like they’re holding a paying job. Regardless, I’ve played with topo many times and I can say that he’s not cheating, even though you may think that. We’ve had numerous newer staff members ban him a few times (including me), so you’re not alone.

Just rage and switch to his team. /s