[o] ToK//ZeDD

ign:  ToK//ZeDD
hack: Rapid Hack / High Accuracy (Rifle)
date: 7-11-2015
server: counter-strike maps

All users on the list are witnesses that he use hacks


I’m sorry, but we can’t ban for picture evidence only. The use of Bandicam (or any other recording software) along with pubovl is the best way to report hackers. Anyways, thanks for reporting SirKael! Let me know if you need any additional help :slight_smile:

I was on arena with this piece of crap. He’s the kind of asshole that will wait for his entire team to die and then aimbot whats left of the other team so obviously that you want to scream. If I see him again ill get a video of it.

Sounds good, thanks :slight_smile: I’ll also keep an eye out for him.