[o] theFuckin:D

este usuario usa aimbot hay por si se lo encuentra alguno de los admi:DD

This user uses aimbot there if it finds any of the admi:DD

this in hallway

you also jacktheripper is hacker(spy) xd

You need more solid evidence than just a simple ratio screenshot. I used to have an average ratio of ~15+ in arena and have seen lots of other admins get dumb ratios of 100+. You need to have some kind of video footage or some other solid, convincing evidence. Unless, of course, this user has already been banned by some admin in-game.

the good I have no video, but if I have a video of another hack but the problem is that I find a way to publish or send:DD

was well throughout the game:/

You can ask Obed was also in that game:DD



In the future please use first links to spectate him, like you put the camera on his head and see what he is doing.


Sececond link is record what is he doing.

Hope this would help you to record.