[o] [suspected aimbot] Killer231

In aloha.pk tower of babel, right now. In Blue team.

I let the admins check our conversations. We tried to votekick him multiple times and it finally worked.
And i also /admin but no one answered at the time.

I’m going to leave this here for reference:

Jan 06 09:16:58 <babel_aloha> Possible aimbot detected. KILLER231 #15 (x.x.x.x) has an accuracy of: Rifle: 442% SMG: 204% Shotgun: None. Kill-death ratio of 9.40 (94 kills, 10 deaths). 0 kills in the last 20 seconds. 0 headshot snaps in the last 20 seconds.

After combing through some logs, it appears as though this player is on a dynamic IP, or doesn’t play anymore. Nothing more can really be done here.