[o] slaim - always gets headshots

This may be nothing but since the time I got on the 1ctf pinpoint server slaim only got headshot kills, nothing else. Time: 6:00 (AM) EST 12/29/12. Thanks for reading, he must have gotten 35 headshot kills in a row. And his kills were 76 (deaths 13, I think). I was just wondering if this is normal or not ;D

Well, if the kills were spaced out, it’s legit. If every shot he fired was a headshot thought, that would be suspicious. I get loads of headshots when playing aloha.pk in a row, the only thing is, when I use the rifle, I miss alot of shots.

Just asking, did he use the Rifle, or SMG?

Or Shotgun?

I don’t know alot of players who’d use the shotgun on pinpoint 1ctf, since it’s not that effective. I’d assume they’d be using either the Rifle or the SMG.

It looked like an… SMG… but I couldn’t be sure (I kept dying as usual :P)

U cant judge by head shots cause I am banned right now because I was accused of haking. Look at how he turns If he turns VERY fast and starts hitting you in the head may be. Here is the thing if you come really close to a person usually he does not get a head shot. just if he does something totally impossible than he is a haker. Cause I hit every shot in the head with the smg and rarely miss so just keep your eyes open. Oh and if he is far away and hitting alot of shots without burtsting that might mean he is a hacker.

I think he was…

My record ratio is 12.00