[o] sakodespiofjasd hacking (Not sure, probably aimbot maybe ESP)

NOTE: I could not find a format, so I improvised

  1. My username is tommy3244

  2. What happened was I was playing as blue when me and 2 other people were killed within one second. Two with headshots, one with spade. I thought this was strange but if someone snuck up on us, quite possible. Later however, the person spammed the board with blue deaths. I started a votekick against him, then he switched teams and joined blue. Even though he was on my team I saw the kills being spammed as soon as green players spawned. This had to be hacks. We started a few other votekicks then he logged off right after one finished, but I took this screenshot of his KDR and Kills Per Minute.

  3. Tell me 9.90 KILLS PER MINUTE can be obtained legit when the players are scattered across a field.

4. Username of accused: sakodespiofjasd

5. The server was the 24/7 hallway r1ctf

  1. Evidence. Attached.

The kills per minute can sometimes go crazy after map change and that ratio is possible.

It wasn’t after a map change. The green players were being killed as soon as they spawned. Blue players were just walking around their spawn because the green players died within seconds of spawning and had no chance of fighting back. It’s at least worth looking into.

I agree. I was there in the match tommy3244 described and can verify that it was in the middle of the match. Everyone was trying to vote kick this one guy and I follow suit after seeing his KDR and kills-per-minute (you can see that I voted at the top of the chat). And while it may have been a glitch, this guy was SPAMMING the kill log with kills, and not by killing the same person either. It was literally
Sakodespiofjasd killed X
Sakodespiofjasd killed X
Over and over! Not to mention he was skyrocketing up the leader boards impossibly fast! If the image isn’t proof enough (the kills-per-minute value can be dismissed as a glitch and you can’t see Sako’s kill spam in the kill log either) then I suggest you at least keep an eye on him.
Many thanks!

Hmmm this is not enough proof by itself for a ban, but it is enough proof to warrent an alert put on his ip (for myself). Ill dig through my logs for his ip and add it so I get beeped when ever it ends up in an alert.

Edit: Alert added for his ip. I’f I’m on I’ll hear it if he sets off any hacking alerts.