[o] Reynacita

Multibullet (High probability of Aimbutt)
~2 : 20 GMT @ Humans vs Zombies Aloha

Lots of lag so it’s hard to tell about the aimbot or esp or anything really, but the analyze evidence is all you need.

Sorry, not enough evidence. Thanks for reporting Asame!

Hey no problem. (:
Do you mind explaining what evidence is missing? I forgot to ping him while recording, but he at least had 500 or below, but I don’t think any ping would let someone get a dT of 0 (which I’m pretty sure is the change of time in between hits/shots) for smg shots, especially consistently and repeatedly.

Well, the video is super laggy, which makes things harder to prove. Also, I’m not sure if Reynacita had any lag on his/her side, since you did not use /ping. In the end though, there’s just an insufficient amount of evidence which wouldn’t make me 100% confident while making a ban.

But the video is barely needed; all you need are screenshots of the /an info because the bullying tactic is the use of “big shot” / “multibullet”. Lag doesn’t explain or justify every shot having a dT of 0.

I really don’t want to make a big deal out of it, sorry. :stuck_out_tongue: