[o] {PHIL} Sir Vez

ign:  {PHIL} Sir Vez
hack: No Recoil&Spread / High Accuracy (Rifle & SMG)
date: 7-4-2015
server: counter-strike maps


[i]"We can’t ban off of pictures. Please download a screen recorder then post the video on here. I recommend http://www.screencast-o-matic.com/ but any will do.

Thought this might help you out, I use this aswell as screencast-o-matic to record then upload the video on Youtube as unlisted so only people with the link can see it.

  1. Download injector (here hInjector) don’t worry if it says it is a virus, it is an .exe file so you might get a warning before downloading it.
  2. Download the .dll file from the aloha.pk link (http://aloha.pk/index.php?topic=3839.0)
  3. Download Screencast-o-matic or something similar if you like. (Just any program to record)
  4. Startup a Aloha.pk (join a server) (make sure it is an Aloha.pk server, this program is only allowed on Aloha.pk servers, other servers may consider it cheating)
  5. Open hinjector
  6. Press the paper with the green + and add the .dll file you downloaded from aloha.pk (don’t worry you only have to do this once, it will be saved in the large box)
  7. Click the Blue magnifier glass on the right side
  8. Find “client” it would have an Ace of Spades icon or just press c until you find client and click it.
  9. Press Inject
  10. It will say injection was successful (something like that) press Okay
  11. Return to the Ace of Spades tab you had before
    Note: You must join spectating team first then you can use these commands
  12. Keys:
    X= Turning the program on/off
    Z= Nametags on/off
    F11= Shows your ping, so we can tell if your lagging or if its the player your watching
    Arrow Keys (left and right)= To cycle through all the players (Some admins block you from spectating them.)
    (Must be in spectating mode for the .dll file to work)
    Good luck!

Useful command if you don’t know them:
/an (name)
The timings are here
First Shots Higher then Normal
SMG: 90-120ms
Rifle: 500+ms
Shotgun: 1000ms + many zeros

Check /ping (name) for lag
High, they took a break of shooting or lag
Low consistently, hack
Finally, I can say Good luck!"[/i] - Raykay101

If you see hackers please record using pubovl and a video recording software/service.

Also use /admin and report in irc (#aloha) (it just happens I was on the server and could of spectated him)