[o] Name Impersonator on Pinpoint

Hey guys,
I would like to tell you that there was a name impersonator impersonating several of my [UAV] clanmates and me. So could you please help out. He was on pinpoint starting from 6pm I think and till 7: 10pm PST. He was excessively swearing, talking about obscene stuff, and generally annoying the heck out of us. His starting ign is NOSFERATU. Look for excessive swearing, spamming lol, and being annoying. I hope you can help us as it can ruin reputations and stuff like that. Also couldn’t we prevent this? Gmail has a program where names are taken so no 2 people can have the same account name when signing up. We could implement a similar program into the game right?

Well thanks for taking your time in reading,
I like gerbil

The Admins have a script called anti-jerk [if i said it right] where if you use a anti-jerked name and speak its a half an hour auto ban unless you ““log in””. I am not aware if anyone other admins or mods [possibly guards] have it. The admins also don’t necessarily take action on impersonators unless its an extreme case. Color or another admin would know more than me and should reply.