[O] My suspision of using some kind of hacks by player #21

Name of map- chestren
player name- striker janners
Violation- Many players vk against him in this map and in previous map because of unlimited number of bullets flying from him SMG. Even when the entire red team was hitting them, he didnt die. Surprsingly, same thing happened in Chestren map too.
Now everyone would spark raging comments against me since he's an old player. But many times it's happened he's ABUSED( me deliberately since im muted and I cannot reply ) + I feel he has something weird in his SMG when he plays. the numner of headshots with smg , they just come rapid and boom 5-6 players dead cos of headshot using smg.
I've attached a snap as I dont have pubovl so i only use /an.

The guy’s ping is not displayed in this image. 4 shots could indicate that he was merely lagging a bit more than usual at that time and without video proof of aimbot/esp the player cant be considered a hacker. Furthermore the value ms is not 0 in any of the /an’s so the shots werent shot all at once

I don’t really play the game that much anymore, and it’s mostly my big brother who plays and I mostly watch him play, We use the version 0.12 of OpenSpades because the newer versions don’t work. He got killed many times because he is kinda cocky when he uses the SMG but gets alot of kills, sometimes I panic because he doesn’t cover, but when he invades the blue base he kills alot of people but dies in a few seconds by grenades or enemy gunfire. He kinda misses alot while moving half the time but kills 3-6 people and instantly empties the mag. He is kinda annoying in chat and and I told a guy called stain about the reason we use the version 0.12 because newer versions dont work on our computer. By the way about the headshots thing that mostly happens because the ping is mostly 200-300 and sometimes when /an is used we get more than 2 headshot indications because the kill is kinda delayed for half a second.

Sorry if any trouble was caused.

It’s fine but don’t admins and staff feel that big brother excuses are too old and lame
Example: Yankarlos205 and Zim350

Evidence does not show any hacking. Abuse report denied

says that its fine
still has to be a douche by thinking that its an excuse

This was also I assume written by your ill-mannered elder brother ?

No, it was me.

ironic bitch