[o] Ms. Dreavus #6 - ESP - CSMaps - 7/26/16 @ 20:15ish EST

IGN: Ms. Dreavus
ID: #6
Server: Babel
Date & Time: 7/26/2016 @ 20:15ish EST
Offence: ESP

Sorry, not enough evidence for ESP. Thanks for reporting!

Btw, I really like that map in babel. :wink:

Same ferrari, and she did look a little fishy when I was playing earlier today.

another user told me about the abuse report and i wanted to clear somethings up :), some of the stuff near the beginning was me checking corners and it looked like i was tracing through the walls and some of the prefires are actually because my gun models have long gun barrels (ak47&awp skin )and sometimes they pop out depending on where the player is (like the guy next squeaky and vents or the guy in garage).

I got a friend that got banned for ESP because he was using longer skins .-.

Thanks for being so honest Ms. Dreavus, it’s really appreciated. I think any more evidence of you looking at players through walls would have resulted in a ban.

Big gun models are considered unfair because it gives a huge advantage that other players don’t have, which you probably know. Players with these models are usually mistaken for using an actual hack called ESP.

If you want to be positive that you’re playing fair (which I really hope you do), then a good rule of thumb is to make sure you can’t see your enemy’s gun model through 2 layers of blocks. If you can, that means that your kv6 is too long.

Here’s a great representation of what the perfect length is, demonstrated by the default kv6 gun model.


Please change your gun skins and there will be no problems whatsoever for you. Thanks!

Oops, lol. I copy/pasted this from another abuse report of mine so I wouldn’t get the order wrong, and forgot to change that! :-[

Good to hear it was all cleared up. Ms. Dreavus, hope to see you in-game sometime again, sorry for being so skeptical! x3

The player “[SKG] LuGeRs” on the video is possibly this guy:

If you’re suggesting that LuGeRs and Ms. Dreavus are the same person, they’re not.

As for LuGeRs, I actually just banned him ingame on hallway.

No-no, I didn’t mean that

;D Wow … Nice music’s for evidence video xD