[o] Kinimaru (ESP)

Player name: Kinimaru
Reason: ESP
Server: Babel
Time: May 10, 12-1pm EST

For context, he thought I was hacking and got pretty angry:

Fri May 10 12:40:42 2019 [Global] Kinimaru (Red): fuck you all hacker Fri May 10 12:40:59 2019 [Global] Kinimaru (Red): i will use hack later Fri May 10 12:41:06 2019 [Global] Kinimaru (Red): nobody kick hacker

Shortly after saying this he started getting some suspicious kills on me (I was Deuce11). Unfortunately he left before I was able to record much.
But in the attached video, you can see him preparing to kill me and scoping in before he ever had a chance to see me (and he does this twice).


Thanks for reporting. I was actually spectating him in game but I saw a few slightly suspicious moments in your video and from what I saw. I do not think it is enough to warrant a ban. However, I will keep an eye out for this player.