[o] i eat mices

REPORT of “i eat mices”
9:00PM Philippine Time

i eat mices is a bully which i think is secretly EliteDeuce,he keeps bullying people he thinks the word mices is right mice is wrong,lices is right ,lice is wrong.he thinks im dumb even though his grammar,he said i am a faggot,and a cunt.he keeps bullying the red team and some of his own teammates,i was on RED.he was on BLUE.apparently he is just a bullshit racist bully,he even called me gay even though i wasnt.even im a PhilAm(Philippine American) my skin was kind of dark,and he called me a nigga,then i said “Nigga?” he said “do not use that word Striker” *says the guy that said it first.so please ban this bully,his friend.i eat lices also bullied the others so please ban this guy too.

Hello Striker, I was under the name “I eat mices”, because Art was under the name “I eat lices”.

First off, I have never called you a “faggot”, “cunt”, “gay”, or a ‘n****’. Admins can check the logs to verify this, also I have my own copy of the chat.

Secondly, what happened is that you joined while I was pushing towards your spawn, and subsequently I killed you. You responded to this very normal in game occurrence, by Pm’ing me, “GAY”. Now, earlier ig you had already been muted for Pm’ing people this way, so you already knew better. Again, I have a copy of chat to back this up. I responded by Pm’ing you nonsensically. After a few times killing you, you made a hypocritical comment which I responded to by bringing up other hypocrisies you’ve spoken before, such as calling somebody a “fucking camper” while you yourself don’t mind camping, or calling somebody a “fucking Brazilian smg” while you yourself do use smg as well. After this I had to leave so I left.

Also, if you think my telling red team things like ‘give up now’ is bullying, we might as well ban a few staff members while we’re at it cause that’s where I got it from. And then as for my "bullying’ my own team mates, I was teasing Art (I eat lices) and he was teasing me, as we knew who each other was. Same thing for xoke, who knew it was me as well.

I apologize if you misconstrued this as bullying, as that was not my intention. Remember though, I wouldn’t have ever said anything directed to you if you hadn’t provoked my in a way you already knew was wrong (pm’ing abusefully). In the future, if you treat others the way you’d like to be treated, you won’t have these kinds of problems.

what do i have to do with this

Thanks for reporting this TheRealStrikerJannersYT, but it looks like LowObservable gave a clear and honest explanation/apology. He won’t be banned.