[o] [Greif and Team killing] - Narque

Keep a lookout for this player:
Player: Narque
Server: aloha.pk Infiltration
Date: 1/1/2013
Time: ~6:30PM PST




(8:27PM:Currently being uploaded (~50min left))
Video runtime:~16min. (votekick against him at end)

Description: Player was greifing his team’s hiding places and structures (i.e. trees, structures used for taking out other team, and blocking our tunnels to blue castle). He was also team killing those who asked or tried to stop him/her.

Also when people were saying he was going to get banned he talked about changing name/ip.

This report was not addressed within a reasonable period of time. We typically don’t take action against “minor” offenses after a length such a three months. This report will remain here for future reference, should this player cause any more trouble.