[o] glitch in tower of babel?

Appeared to be a glitch in babel today. Around 4-5 pm in babel almost everyone on green died when trying to climb the tower. Don’t know if it was caused by a player or was a game/server issue.

Are you sure the tower didn’t collapse with a bunch of Greens on it?

There is some sort of bug in the game, however. I’ve “fallen to my death” before for absolutely no reason. I suppose it’s possible that it could happen to a group of players at once.

i notice the falling to my death happens when there is mass amounts of lag (very high ping)

I have a video of it. I’ll try to upload it later.

It’s a lag bug, when blocks are actually destroyed but your client thinks its still there. Therefore, it looks as if nothing happens and so you continue to climb the broken tower without realizing it being damaged which makes you take fall damage on the ‘bugged’ part of the tower. This could be fixed when you rejoin the game.

Thanks I’ll keep that in mind. But would it just affect me, or would it affect other players too?

I kept dying randomly, rejoined, and saw this. Someone had built under the drop so it wasn’t far enough to hurt, so you can see some people falling off and some people rubberbanding back up, instead of everybody dying.


This made me LOL

This. This is exactly what happens.

If your client is fixed, it looks like everyone else is trying to fly then fall down. They think they’re running up a tower that isn’t really there.

The funny thing is, I posted that when I was drunk. Surprised I made sense at all.