[o] [-.-]duBst3p55

I’m pretty sure he was hacking on the aloha four point server. It looked to be like aimbot. The whole game he was pretty much going for the intel, and his team were winning pretty much every time as a result.
I think he was hacking because I would watch out for him as he tried to take the intel, and the only times I could shoot him were if he snapped onto a different player first or if I ‘surprised’ him. He was using an SMG by the way. He was nearly votekicked once after killing everybody on my team in quick succession for a few minutes, and after that he didn’t draw too much attention to himself.

I messaged the admins but there wasn’t any response so I decided to post a report here :3


Name and Server?

As I said, his name is [-.-]duBst3p55 and the server was four teams

Thank you for reporting, Morkney. While we can’t ban this player based on the information provided, this report will remain here for future reference.