[o] Dickmaker on aloha babel just now (7:00 CST)

He was covering the tower in beige in white blocks the whole time. I started several votekicks but the user base isnt that bright.

He is number 21 on green.

Thats the strongest proof I have, but I think his user name is a pretty strong allusion to what his purpose was there.

Also, a player from the other day snover was memorably aimbotting. When he saw me get intel he would switch teams and track me down across the entire hallway map. Over and over. I dont have any proof but I’ll corroborate when someone else posts about him.

Importantly, if you dont reply to these threads, did you do anything? because I’m not going to bother posting here if its not going anywhere. I’m also not going to shoot video to catch every jerk, as there is one every 5 minutes.

We cannot ban with little proof…unless the person is REALLY bad, and the staff are trying to hunt the offender down.

Hey StrangerDanger, I’m sorry about the bad experience in Babel. However if you have an issue like that again the quickest way to rectify it would be to go to the IRC, the link is located above your picture on the homepage. Let an admin know and that can at least stop him from building if they really are making such structures.