[o] davidcelisxDD1

Server: 24/7 Faceoff
Time: ~9:25 PM Mountain Time, 7/5/2015

Typical Aimbot/No Spread. Chained 100+ distance headshots (as I spawned) without missing, was often out of vision.

We can’t ban someone with just images. When you suspect someone of hacking use pubovl and a recording software/service like bandicam or screen-o-matic.

Either way thanks for reporting and we’ll keep our eyes out for him




(most obvious aimbot at ~0:45 and ~1:15)


to local mods:
Dont ignore new posts on reports with [ o ]

I’m sorry ManyCookies, but you also need to use pubovl to get sufficient evidence. You can download it here. If you have any questions how to use it, please ask!