[o] Camargo and Heritigre glitching

Offenders: Camargo, heritigre19
Time: 8:30 cst
Offence: Glitching

I joined arena top 10 as an spectator, While i was flying around waiting for the round to end, i found camargo outside the map so i decided to spectate him, on the other round i saw heritigre19 doing the same thing.
They were on the jail map near the top left tower outside the wall, witch is impossible to get there.

I finally was able to put the proof

Hmm, I dunno if that’s in the glitch category. It does go somewhat in the out-of-map category, not sure how much we can do about that. Need a higher admin to declare if that’s fair or unfair.

Although I’ve always allowed them to camp there.

I’d put it in the out of map category i’ll be on shortly.

No, it’s glitching. No way to actually get over there without glitching.

ok i’ll remember that.

It has been a month since this report was made. My apologies that no one got around to it in time. At this point, I’m going to say that we probably aren’t going to temp ban someone for glitching a month ago.