[o] <BAS> Rezon - on babel right now

This guy has twice as many kills as the whole server, not even hiding the aimbot - and somehow a trusted user.

Apparently hes trusted - which doesn’t mean anything, he can still decide to add aimbot - the score now is rediculous.


If you think he’s aimbotting, use pubovl and your favorite game recording software to get evidence of him aimbotting, screenshots and large kill counts aren’t enough.

Hi Scope, please see this topic:

I told you several times,i spectated the guy and he is clean. You have no proof to support your claims of him hacking. The fact that he has more kills than anyone on the server means hes simply better at clicking heads than anyone on the server, not that hes cheating. Though they arent as frequent anymore, there still are good players playing this game.

You can’t call a player that’s better than you, a hacker. The score may have been glitched, which is a possible thing to happen.
You also need to spectate the guy to prove it to the admins that he hacks. He may have been having a good day today, which may be the reason why he hits good shots.


I’m not hacking

That settles it. Case closed. Rezon isn’t a hacker.