[o] Ban Evading and Hacking

Player names:

Arena Top 10

(I’ve checked his last Ban Appeal and i’m assuming Bonesaw has not been unbanned since.)
For |OG|-BonesaW,
No evidence on the Hacking (so can’t do anything about that currently), but will list it anyway snapping aimbot with 200 ping, and Ban Evading.

For |OG|-CarlGrimeS, (claimed as the brother of Bonesaw)
Again no evidence on the Hacking, but blatant esp and snapping with 200 ping, and if these brothers are in the same house Ban Evading as well.

Figured the Ban Evasion would be enough to at least put them on the notice list.
and as a character reference, he seems to show no remorse as his action of re-entering the servers and his (not proven) hacking has not changed.

Time of activity: around PST 11:00 pm (5/10/14)

yeah i heard Bonesaw is back, thanks for informing me/us i will keep an eye on him.