[o] [Aimbot] Jigo :D

Right now in Aloha Babel.
The player “Jigo :D” admit to hack. A lot of kills in a row. But impossible to find accuracy over 100%.
Check conversations in the 10 minutes before this post’s date.

Wow…"I close my hack now "… Thats stupid oO
I’ve never seen a hacker like dat.Oo

Could be a stupid hacker, Or a Good player but likes to troll.

If there is any way you can record in-game video, that would be the best way to report somebody. Even if we check the ratio or accuracies of a certain player and see something outrageous like 1000%, we have to go in-game and watch the player before making a ban, typically. All I see here is a high kill count with a low death count, and someone claiming that they’re cheating. Honestly, he was probably cheating. But, at the same time, he could also be lying.

This report will remain here for future reference, and I’m sure if he comes back again to do the same, he will be banned.

I understand haux. Anyway i dont want to start to record everytime someone is hacking.
But i guess, next time you meet him in a server, you’ll take a look at what he is doing. :slight_smile:

At least there is a reference about him, now :p.

just putting this out there, you could use /admin in game or log onto the IRC


Located on the right, under the add and above your profile

When I was first researching this report, I did look at the logs, and if I recall correctly, he did report this player via /admin. A few staff members were online and active but did not respond. It’s possible they didn’t notice or were preoccupied. It happens.