NukeTown Glitch

There is a glitch at NukeTown That could get popular
I would try and get rid of it
You can explore a lot with the glitch and could make a lot of people mad.
This was me doing it.

Removed the link, thanks for the report. We don’t want others to abuse this glitch, -Froe

Hey, thanks for reporting. I’ll get right on it to fix it.

Fixed and re-added to arena top 10 and arena all maps.

No Problems, Glad to help :slight_smile:

From a previous Topic on Nuketown’s flaws.

This covers all the flaws up to date + the un-spotted ones. Look over it (edit it if you want maybe you can make it more to your liking.) you may or may not one to use it. There are some minor game changers in there but for the most part it’s Nuketown the way it was meant to be played.

One thing I did notice from the Avuky version was he raised the fences which did get rid of a jumping tactic some of us used.
If all else fails put a mile high wall for the fences.

Happy Building ~Tyler

I have already put this on an abuse report But you might need to block this now?
I recorded this 3 hours after the update


Yep my map doesn’t protect against that one. time for another remodel.

I’d Block the place where he lagged to. So the blocked out place

Added a few more glitch protectors, Both roofs have become large blocks to prevent the roof glitch, added extensions to a few previous pieces.


Thanks Tyler, Good Job


Tyler. Why. I don’t like. D:

I haven’t looked at it. Im just happy Tyler Did it :slight_smile:

Tyler There is a problem, You said that The version was 1.0 when this is 0.75

If the version was in the .txt that came with it he means the map’s version (IE if he updates it again it will become 2.0 or something)

ok. sorry

In short, that is what I ended up doing. Raised all the fences to a suiteable height which stops people from jumping over along with fixing the roof glitch. Also didn’t make the roof a block but instead made it so if you glitched, you really have no advantage of doing anything.

Thanks Pinpoint