Nostalgia Collection (Project)

Remember the days of Windows 98? Ah that 16 bit goodness you could play…BEFORE REALITY REMOVED IT FROM 64 BIT OPERATING SYSTEMS. I also hate the Windows 7 standard games. I found and compiled some old PC games using files from people (shywolf) and the internet. I’m definitely going to try and add some more games.

These are all 32bit


  • XP Spider Solitaire
  • XP Freecell
  • XP Hearts
  • Windows 95/98/XP Minesweeper
  • SkiFree
  • Jezzball
  • Quick Solitaire Collection (includes Solitaire, Golf, Gaps, Klondike, Yukon and its own version of Spider)

For some of the games I didn’t find I have a really old disk with the entertainment pack. I’m going to try and recompile the 16 bit games into 32 bit.