No Block Protection in Oasis on Babel?

Something weird’s happened, the past two rounds I’ve been on for Oasis on Babel…

So in Babel, there’s that protection that prevents you and your teammates from destroying placed blocks and/or digging on your team’s side of the map, right?

Well, on Blue’s side in Oasis, that protection…seems to be missing. Players on blue are able to dig and wreck anything they like on their end of the map, including the tower.

I don’t think that’s happened in the past, but I may have just started noticing it today, or something.
Just thought I’d pass that along.

i’ve noticed a similar thing as well. i think it’s just an issue in where the ZOC (zone of control) is. it appears that the area where most people attempt to build towers is outside of the ZOC and people are able to grief their own tower.

I’ve noticed this happening too, on other maps, and it’s as CraftDinur said.

I think player placed blocks themselves are still protected, but griefers can basically dig out all the map blocks under those blocks.

hmm, i haven’t seen this. is it still a problem?

anything that isn’t built adjacent to the center platform is supposed to be griefable just fyi…

the griefable area is pretty close to the platform. i’ve noticed that on island the griefable area is approximately in the exact area that most people start to build the tower. i’ve seen lots of confused griefers get exicted (that’s what she said -__-) after figuring out they can grief so close to the tower. however, i think block destruction goes away after you get elevated but it might just be that i was getting closer to the platform.

i think i saw a votekick for this, went and investigated and i think crafty is right. where they start to build

I seen it too I got paranoid but its just a glitch right?

Rather than a “glitch”, I would classify it as an “oversight”.

Well, when admins are logged in, they can destroy blocks no matter where they are. Same with trusted players as well, I think.

I’ve seen people doing so and wouldn’t that affect shooting at it from the other side of the map?

Not quiet, because the rule where you need to be close to the base to destroy blocks still is in effect.

I’ve tested this, to prevent myself from accidental “cheating,” lol.

Maybe the blocks are close to the team’s tent?

I don’t think that it is likely that the oversight is exclusive to just one map…

It might very well be.
The Oasis map is weird in that teams essentially start diagonal from one another (top right and bottom left), whereas in most maps they run left-right.

The heaven is still a rectangle in the sky, so in Oasis, this leads to complications as to where the tower should start.