New Updated Ideas. (by Zim350)

I know that I am inactive from the servers of aloha, but I do not see anything wrong in making a few suggestions that would not harm their servers, as I say they are only suggestions, I say they are necessary among the players or something like that.
The suggestions sometimes, so to speak, are not taken into account, for example, the most famous server is “ tower of babel” and being the most famous, receives ideas in this forum that could really benefit the players but Do not include them for fear of damaging the server, the way you can say “is not as fun as before,” but to see, things have to update :stuck_out_tongue:

Here my ideas:
1. Votemap: Yes, I have insisted a lot on the idea of adding a votemap so that users can vote for a new map if it is already boring or has lasted long enough, it could be:
“Player” has initiated a votemap for “] mirror2forst”
Current map: abridgetoofar, duration: 1h, 22m and 42s.
Although an abuse of the votemap is likely to be involved, I have seen abuse of the votekick, I would say that only trusted users can initiate a vote on the map, or activate the option if the map lasted for more than 1 hour.

2. Server translation: As you know, the server connects many players who are of Latin origin, or rather, Spanish speaking, so I would like users who do not read English, can read the messages that the server says every minute as: You Are playing on aloha.ok 24/7 assault.
But not only in Spanish, but also in Portuguese, French and other major languages seen on servers.

For now, these are my two ideas :v

Thanks for your attention.


There are also shitty BR and German kids with their windows 7 home premium shit laptops and with edgy intros on their shit youtube channels.

I doubt this would be worth the effort. Most people can understand that much English, and even if they don’t, it doesn’t affect the playing experience very much.

i like this idea of server translation is similar of the cs servers, on join on server have de options of what the language ur speak

Wouldn’t mind seeing the option to replay the current map. This would be best implemented on an arena server. A player would initiate a vote by typing something similar to “/replay”. The /replay function would only be available once per map. That way no map would be overplayed.