New spring rotation for babel, with more city maps!

New spring rotation!

We have just updated the babel rotation to include more city maps, no more Christmas theme, and no more acidcrackmeth map! :smile: We’ve also added in some fun, rarely seen maps.

Included maps:
["dankholes", "yarr", "makewar", "halongbabel", "godstairs2.0", "yubacore", "ruins_onigiri", "crossfire3", "alexandria", "holes", "bloodgulch2_mirrored", "caves", "hallpoint", "hezeehills", "royalparadenight", "waterfrontv2babel", "trademas", "dankholes", "crossfire2", "abridgetoodark", "capitol", "castlesandshit", "oasis2", "tradeoffnight", "lard"]

Total: 24 unique maps.

Slightly weighted for dankholes.

(In practise it is actually closer to 20 due to different versions being run of some maps but it is fiiine, shh, it really is ok. There is also no acidcrackmeth map, for real this time)

If any issues arise, please ping us on Discord or reply in this thread! Have fun! :partying_face:

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