New Spawn Area

Hello everyone,

This next summer we are hoping to recruit a huge number of new players to the server. This has one problem, however. If you look at our current spawn area, it’s pretty packed. It’s difficult enough to get started on a new server, so the suggestion is to simply create a new spawn area/town. We have done this in the past, leading to the current town. The idea is to keep a warp at the current spawn and just make /spawn point to a new point on them map, so access to the old town is still easy.


We will have a similar rule in place for this town regarding where to build from it - instead of 500 blocks we will do 250 blocks. The idea is to go North about 7,000 blocks. We have found a reasonably sized continent there. About -24k, -24k around that continent area. There is plenty of land available there.

I’m posting this to just see what other people think.

Please let me know,

If you want a HUGE number of players for the summer, we need to consider maybe upgrading the server. As a lot of players noticed, the server doesn’t lag that much until 10 people are on at the same time. it happens rarely but when it happens you can feel the TPS go down as you walk through your base.

But if you plan the number of player on at the same time Staying under that dead line i’m sure there will be no problem :slight_smile:

new spawn was set, warp for old spawn is /warp newoldspawn

We’re in the process of moving right now. Lol my computer is somewhere in a storage unit. I’ll help with infrastructure and stuff when I get on. We can expand on lepras hyper railway on the nether ceiling. We can do a lot with a new spawn and nether hub.

Yeah, I wanna help with the nether hub. I have had a couple ideas cooking up in my head for that for awhile now!