New Server? (Last Stand by Influx)

Since we upgraded out RAM, I was thinking of a server dedicated to Influx’s “Last Stand” game-mode.
Looks pretty fun.

Seems like a great gamemode. I would definitely play it.

I’m for it :smiley:

MFW the descriptions overglorify the defenders…


Though I am sure I will end up writing a rant about it 8)

i hope will make server for this gamemode!!

Pug, let’s get real here, you wouldn’t think of this :stuck_out_tongue:

Did this ever go through?
I’ve noticed that parkour/race has been down for some time, perhaps this can replace it?

as far as i know it’s still buggy. we’ll wait until it’s more stable.

Thanks, I'd rather it stayed off the 'big' servers until all major bugs are squashed, though.

This game is awesome but what do I do after I download it?

Influx re-released the script, hopefully it’s stable now. testing it out on last stand @ aos://1379434439:53887