New server - Bridge Wars 24/7

Hello all! Can you host a server with permanent map Bridge Wars? It will be cool!

That map gets griefed easily in a matter of 3 hours. When the bridge is gone it becomes boring.

Been there done that got tons of rage.

Is it possible to “lock” blocks in a map? …make them unbreakable?

Yes, im pretty sure it is possible.

Instead of Bridgewars I rather have DiedeAnticBridge for 5hrs then maps change to hallway.

It’s possible to make an “x,y,z” cords unbreakable but I believe you are unable to place blocks in said area as well.

We should add a quad-hallway to the four teams server.

We have a donate-and-get-your-own-server thing going on, I believe.
You might want to check that out.

Yeah, considering this map would be extremely griefable without the locked in blocks, it wouldn’t be very fun. Especially if the water is going to be poisonous, then it’d be impossible to get to the other side of the map, unless you’d like to build you own bridge and get it griefed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Poisonous water and locked maps are boring. I never knew donating gets you a server though.

How much do you have to donate?

I can afford a buck :slight_smile:

do tell.