New round of staff!

So, with Drebbel on vacation, I had to do part (just one part!) of his grueling, thankless, terrible job of managing applications.

I never want to do it again.

So let’s all thank Drebbel when he gets back. But I’d like to take some time to tell everyone about our new guys and make it seem like we actually get stuff done.

Our new guards:


Our new moderator:


And our new admins:


They’re all super cool people and they’ll all be great additions to the team.
If you are one of these people, check your PM’s. You should be able to login ingame immediately.

yay ty ty ty Danke

congratulations, promotees!

Congratz everyone!

And why is managing apps so bad? Is it too time consuming?

Congratulations everyone!

He probably has to trawl through hundreds of poorly written, bad excuses for english.

I’m also a new guard since two weeks ago.

YAY! Taesuns an admin :smiley:


Well done guys! You deserved it :smiley:


And the bureaucratic red tape has been broken.
In fact, I’m so enthusiastic I might even go trawl through that ungodly hackers report thread.

Late on replying but congrats! :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t, Im used to it, :slight_smile: