new public XP source

I’m proposing a few of us band together and build a new xp farm. I’m more than willing to donate the building supplies and put in the time but I’ll need some help with the redstone/building and also a xp farm recommendation. The gold farm wont work any more. Aside from it being griefed every other time someone uses it pigmen wont spawn fast enough to be economical (whether that’s the server or 1.10 remains to be determined). We might have to go back to the end design but I think I read somewhere that was nerfed too. Post if you have any ideas or designs worth building.

I vote for the Enderman XP farm, it changed a bit since 1.8 and seems easy to build.

iirc farms atm may be nerfed because we currently are loading fewer chunks/low view distance (ie thats why the gold farm is nerfed). This may change in the future when we determine the source of the current lag and see if it can be fixed.

As far the end farms they would probably have to be build very far from the main land because of people’s ability to respawn the dragon. But is a good source of xp and pearls but is slower than a gold farm.

Otherwise i may be able to help if i have time. Nothing will beat the fastness and afk part of the of the gold farm.

Yeah server distance needs to be around 12 for the gold farm to work. Right now I’m just happy the server isn’t lagging. We’d prob be better off building a endermen farm again anyway because we haven’t had a pearl farm for a while. I can probably build the newer version of the gold farm in the meantime too so when the lag situation is resolved we can swim in the xp. Distance from the end island wont be a problem.

I quite like this endermen farm by Etho:

It uses the same circle design as the gold farm. Do you guys have any preference to the distance of where the endermen farm will be placed? That’s really the only thing that’s stopping me from building it.


atm i am not sure how the current settings will affect the farm. I would need to ask Froe. Additionally it should be built far enough that the dragon doesn’t rekt it.

was that one not built for 1.8 or 1.9? Might be broken, might not be

yeah check with froe